Quincy Salyer of the US Navy

I love doing these extra special salutes we get, written to honor a spouse who is serving in our military, by a spouse who served at the same time! Today we are saluting Aviation Ordnanceman 2nd class Quincy Salyer of the United States Navy. This salute was brought to us by AO2 Salyer’s wife Erin Salyer, who just recently finished her seven years with the Navy. Quincy Salyer served in the Navy from 2012 until 2017. He was deployed aboard the USS Nimitz Aircraft carrier in 2013. Aviation ordnancemen operate and handle aviation ordnance equipment. They are responsible for the maintenance of guns, bombs, torpedoes, rockets, and missiles. Their duties include the stowing, issuing, and loading of munitions and small arms. Salyer was specifically tasked with loading bombs and guns on the F/A-18 Super Hornet Fighter Jets. When his time ended with the Navy Quincy pivoted to a job in the civilian world with Lockheed Martin as an F-35 Engine mechanic. From Bombs on the F/A-18 to the engines on the F-35, Salyer is the man to talk to if you need to know about Navy fighter jets. His wife Erin says Quincy is smart and versatile, so moving from weapons systems in the Navy, to Jet engines in the civilian world was an easy switch for him to handle. Quincy’s civilian job often keeps him on the road travelling away from his wife and his son, but this family is familiar with time and distance away like most military families. Erin says they miss him tons, and love him even more. They are so very proud of him, and they are looking forward to his return home later this year.