Ring of Fire Sale

Tony from Lacey has asked us for help with his fiancée Whitney who he says sold her engagement ring to pay some bills. He says he can’t believe she would just casually sell off something so important that he saved so long to get for her. When we ask him to clarify if she sold it or pawned it he doesn’t seem to know the difference but also says it doesn’t matter – she should have talked to him first. When Whitney comes on she says she did try to talk to him but he refuses to ever have hard conversations around money. She says money is incredibly tight and she pawned the ring to literally pay the rent, and she says she will absolutely get it back. Also she points out they have never actually set a date for the wedding even though they got engaged long before the pandemic and she might be more concerned about needing to wear the ring if the wedding was looming. But Whitney is mostly frustrated that Tony wouldn’t talk to her but called a radio station about it. The P1’s think these two can work it out. Well, except this one guy who’s a little obsessed with butt implants.