Robert Coryell of the US Navy

We have honored troops here who are fresh-faced recruits heading off to boot camp for the first time.  We have also honored veterans of just about every American war in the 20th century, and service members who served the nation during all parts of the last century. Today we are saluting a Sailor who would have turned 99 years old this week, so today we are honoring someone who served in a different time, seemingly a world away. Today we salute Robert Coryell of the United States Navy. Robert is no longer with us, but the pride that his grandson Will Hunter feels for his grandfather will never die. Coryell was born in Indiana on October 27, 1920.  He served in the Navy during WWII including time spent in Guadalcanal. If you know a little bit of WWII history, you know that Guadalcanal was a major event for US forces, as it was the first US offensive against the Empire of Japan. Coryell was a Pharmacist in the Navy; another job that people don’t usually think about, but is absolutely mission critical. After leaving the Navy, Robert worked as a Pharmacist for Walgreens for many years.
Today we salute Robert Coryell of the United States Navy.