Robin and Nicolas Williams USMC

Today’s Troop Salute is twice the honor, because today we are celebrating two US Marines.
And this salute was brought to us by those Marines’ mother, Seana-Lynn Sibley. Seana-Lynn is so proud of her boys and she wanted to make sure everyone hears what this proud mother already knows. Corporal Robin A. Williams enlisted with the Marine Corps in 2008 and served until 2015. Corporal Williams served one tour in Afghanistan and one tour in Libya as an 81mm Mortar-man. Robin returned from his time serving this country with hearing loss and suffers from PTSD. His younger brother Corporal Nicolas G. Williams enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2010 and he served his country until 2014. He was also an 81mm Mortar-man. Corporal Nicolas Williams also served in Afghanistan and also returned from fighting with injuries to his back and suffering from PTSD. Both brothers had permanent duty stations at Camp Lejeune, NC. Their mother Seana-Lynn says she was a single mother for most of the boys’ life, and when she put her oldest son on the plane to leave for boot camp, she felt like her life was over, and that she had just shipped away one of her two best friends. But it was on the way home from that departure, that Nicolas told his mom that he was going to enlist as well. She says neither boy had ever so much as held a gun in their lives, and she was confused about why they were enlisting. When she asked them, both boys replied that it was the “right thing to do”. And she couldn’t be more proud of them. Although both of her sons returned with injuries and changed forever, Seana-Lynn says both boys loved serving in the Marines, and neither of them regrets it. Both Williams men went to college after returning and are doing fantastic. Robin, the older brother works as a computer tech, and travels around the country consulting with major companies on computer security and Nicolas is a Cardiac Tech in Atlanta, GA. For making their mother proud, and protecting the status and traditions of our nation, today we salute brothers in arms and brothers by blood, Robin A. Williams, AND Nicholas G. Williams Both of the United States Marine Corps.