Amy’s 4 Things

Robin Roberts. Shoot Your Shot. Make Your Mess Your Message. Healthcare Hero Shout Out.

FIRST THING: Amy is beyond excited to have Robin Roberts {@robinrobertsgma} host of Good Morning America on! Amy has been a huge fan of hers for years and she gets to talk with Robin about choosing joy and making the most of difficult times! SECOND THING: So how did Amy and Chase actually make her dream of having Robin Roberts on the podcast a reality?? Chase shares how his perseverance and determination finally paid off! THIRD THING: Amy reads an email from a listener who has recently lost her mother and is working her way through the grieving process. Having lost their own mother, Amy and her sister offer advice to help her through this. FOURTH THING: Our ‘Healthcare Hero’ Shoutout for this week is for an incredible nurse Jessie who volunteered to go to Italy to help on the frontlines in the ICU. The work she is putting in during these challenging times is absolutely amazing and we can not thank her enough for her sacrifice and for her heart to serve. 

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