Roger’s Mom Has Got It Going On

Roger from Spanaway has asked for help with his girlfriend Melissa who he says has formed an unusually close relationship with his mother. He says at first he was glad they hit at off but now they are practically BFF’s. Roger feels weird that his mom is the one telling Melissa about his exes and important moments of his life instead of him which. And they hang out so much that Roger feels like he basically has to fight with his mom for Melissa’s time. When Melissa comes on she says she has no idea what the problem is and wouldn’t it be worse if they hated each other? She thought he would love that they hit it off so well and it’s been a great bonus for her personally because Diane, Roger’s mom, is a great person and they share a lot of similar interests. And then Diane calls in to the show! First of all she is a P1 and is pretty excited that her “baby boy” is on the radio. She confirms she and Melissa are clearly BFF’s and calls her the “daughter I never had”. She admits she never liked any of his other girlfriends before but thinks Melissa “a keeper” and thinks he should propose