Roy Calica USMC

I’ve said many times that there is no one more proud of their troop than Momma. There are probably a few dads and even some husbands and wives that might try to challenge me on this one, but I’m sticking to my guns because I know Momma feels something a little bit more when it comes to her kids. Today’s salute comes from one of these incredibly proud mothers. Today we salute Gunnery Sergeant Roy Calica of The United States Marine Corps. Roy’s mom, Sandy Calica wrote in to tell me that she is “beyond proud” of her Marine. This month marks 20 years that Gunny Calica has been in the Corps. He served in the 2003 wars in Afghanistan and Kuwait. He is a Purple Heart recipient, and he continues on to this day. Outside of his service Roy has made Momma proud by being a wonderful husband and a father to 3 beautiful boys. Sandy says Roy has excelled at everything that life has ever put in front of him. For his 20 years of service to the nation, today we salute Gunnery Sergeant Roy Calica of the United States Marine Corps.