Say My Name, Say My Name

Eddie from Sumner has written in to us for help with his girlfriend Diane who he says has been waking up in the middle of the night saying other guys’ names. He says she didn’t do it when they first got together so he’s concerned that she’s dreaming about other guys, and if she’s dreaming about them, well then, what else is happening with them? And he’s pretty sure she is dreaming about someone he doesn’t know because he doesn’t recognize the names, like other friends or TV characters. When Diane comes on, she says Eddie is being completely ridiculous; she is not cheating and can’t be judged on what she dreams. The P1’s agree that it’s weird that Diane says other dudes’ names while sleeping, but they don’t think that’s anything to act on. But as for this whole relationship? They may both be dreaming if they think it’s gonna work.