Amy’s 4 Things

Science of Happiness. Enneagram Numbers When Secure. Eat the Rainbow. Clean Out Your Inbox. (#29)

FIRST THING: Amy shares “the science of happiness” that she came across on @fitasgluck’s Instagram. If you’re looking for a good/healthy follow, be sure to check out Laura Gluck’s page! SECOND THING: Understanding the Enneagram is the best compassion tool you can have! This episode @EnnegramHunter is back to explain how in times of security we borrow personality traits from other numbers.THIRD THING: Are you shopping the rainbow when at the grocery store? Amy encourages you to take a look at what’s in your cart. Mixing up your fruits & veggies will help you get a variety of vitamins & minerals…even protein too! FOURTH THING: Are your texts and emails piling up? Amy shares a tip for managing the madness!
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