Sean and Zachary Moyer of the US Army

We are all fans of our soldiers.  We’re proud of them and we appreciate everything they do every day for this country. But none of us can ever be as proud as one person: the soldier’s mother. Today’s salute was sent in by that proud mother.  Angie Shreiner is a very proud Army mom…. twice! Angie asked me to salute her 2 boys who are both her personal heroes. Today we salute Specialist Sean Moyer of the United States Army AND Private Zachary Moyer, also of the United States Army. Sean is the eldest of Angie’s two sons, and he’s been in the Army just a bit longer than his younger brother.  Sean is currently deployed overseas. Zachary has only been in the Army for a short time and he’s stationed in Texas. Angie is very proud of her boys, and she is praying and waiting for the day they both come home safe. She knows they’re doing the right thing, and she knows they are capable young men, serving in the best Army in the world, but you can’t ask a mom not to worry, just a little bit. For their service to the nation and for making their momma proud, today we salute Specialist Sean Moyer of the United States Army, AND Private Zachary Moyer also of the Unites States Army.