Sergeant Louis Edgett of US Army Air Force

One of the best parts of receiving Troop Salutes from proud family members is hearing their cherished stories and beloved family legacies. P1 Jamie Richardson wrote in to tell us about her grandfather who was a VERY brave WWII Airman. Today we are Saluting Sergeant Louis Edgett of the United States Army Air Force. Louis was a good ole’ farm boy from Edmond, Kansas in the early 1940’s.  After graduation he joined the Army Air Forces in 1943, and trained as a B-17 gunner. Still only a teenager, Louis headed off to the big war raging over Europe and was assigned to the Eighth Air Force, 490th bombing group flying sorties out of England, where he served as a crew member and belly turret gunner on a B-17 named “Looky Looky”. During a bombing mission deep inside German territory, Sgt. Edgett’s group had dropped their bombs and turned for home when they were swarmed by an attack group of Messerschmitt ME 262 Jet Fighters, the first active jet fighter planes the world had ever seen. Louis’ turret was damaged and the door holding him into the bottom of the aircraft blew open leaving nothing below him but four miles of space! Edgett had to continue fighting even though he struggled to remain inside the aircraft, held only by the straps on his legs. “If the jet pilots saw that my turret was not operating, they would probably have attacked from the below.” Sergeant Edgett was awarded several medals for his bravery. And that is why he and his pals are called the Greatest Generation. And it’s also why today we Salute Sergeant Louis Edgett of the United States Army Air Force.