Sgt. Dorothy Cole USMC

So many Americans answer the call to service when their nation needs them. When the events of 9/11 unfolded before our eyes nearly 20 years ago, thousands flocked to recruiting offices to sign up and serve their nation. The Marine we honor today felt that same urgency to sign up. But the events that SHE heard the call from were way back on December 07, 1941, the day Pearl Harbor was attacked, plunging America into World War II. Today we salute Sergeant Dorothy Cole of the United States Marine Corps. Sergeant Cole just celebrated her 107th birthday on Saturday, which officially makes her the OLDEST living U.S. Marine. Cole, known as Dot to her friends, said “Everyone was out doing something, so I decided I needed to do something too, I would go into the Marine Corps.” The road wasn’t an easy one. Women weren’t allowed in the Marines during the early years of WWII. By February 1943, the rules were changed and women were allowed to join the Corps and by the end of WWII there were over 18,000 women serving in the Marines. Today almost 10% of the Marine Corps’ 185,000 members are women. For her service to the Nation, and for helping to blaze the trail for women in the Marine Corps, today we salute Sergeant Dorothy Cole. And we wish her a happy 107th Birthday as well!