Sgt Mitchell Wilson of the US Army

As we reflect on this important week, ending with the anniversary of 9/11, each of us needs to recognize the value and importance of the service from our troops. Signing up for service can mean a lot of opportunity for young men and women, but when the nation is at war, volunteering for service means consciously accepting a very serious amount of risk. Today we salute Sergeant Mitchell Wilson of the United States Army, who signed up when we needed him most. Sergeant Wilson was a high school kid headed for college in the year 2000. He had never even considered military service. Mitchell’s sister Cara wrote me to tell me her brother’s story, and to let him know how much she wants to thank him and all of the people who made that choice. When September 11, 2001 had passed, our nation was stunned. No one was really sure what had happened, or why, but we all seemed to arrive at the same patriotic feeling on that day. We all knew that we could not let this stand; that we had to defend our nation. Mitchell Wilson made his mind up that morning that he was going to enlist in the Army and be part of the team that would avenge those innocent Americans who died on that day. Cara says “He had never even thought about the military, but after 9/11 it was all he could talk about. He’s my little brother, and I was so scared for him, but I could tell that his mind was made up.” Mitchell Enlisted about 3 months after graduating and never looked back. He served for about 6 years in the Army, and was deployed to the Middle East 3 separate times. Mitchell is now an electrician living in Oklahoma, and he is a father to 2 wonderful kids. Cara is so proud of her little brother, and of all the men and women who signed up, knowing that they were heading into the danger to defend this nation. Today we salute Sergeant Mitchell Wilson of the United States Army, And ALL of our service men and women who defend this nation.