Shane Durkin of the US Army 09-16-2019

There are a lot of obvious reasons to join the military. We talk about all the benefits and the educational opportunities, and the life lessons that are available to our service men and women. Today’s troop is showing us another benefit of military service that we may not have thought about prior. Today we salute Staff Sergeant Shane Durkin of the United States Army. Staff Sergeant Durkin has served 16 years in the army thus far, and is still going strong. The benefit that Durkin shows to us today is one he may not have even realized himself.  That benefit is impressing one’s father-in-law. This salute was written to us by Shane’s father-in-law Mark Wright. While so many others struggle to forge a relationship with their in-laws, or to even find common ground, Shane Durkin’s father in law is so proud of him, he’s letting the whole world know. “He’s the father of my three grandchildren and he’s my daughter’s knight in shining armor.” Says Mark with pride. He goes on to say that Durkin represents our nation’s strength and character. It’s obvious these two are close; Mark says that Shane presented him with the American Flag that flew over his base in Afghanistan. For his service to the nation, and for setting the example for all sons-in-law, today we salute Staff Sergeant Shane Durkin of the United States Army.