She’s Got Daddy’s Money

Damon from Bremerton has called for help with his girlfriend Angela who he says is a total Daddy’s Girl. He says she is way too dependent on her father for his opinions about everything in their lives, including their vacations. He says before COVID even hit they had to cancel a “once in a lifetime” trip to Africa because her dad didn’t like the idea. And pretty much every vacation they have ever taken was because her dad strongly suggested it like skiing in Vail and Whistler. Then Damon admits Angela’s dad has actually been paying for these trips, and we start to wonder how Damon thinks he is going to get her to stop being less dependent then they are both still taking Daddy’s money. When Angela comes on, she says her parents are very important to her and she really does value her dad’s opinion. And she thinks Damon is just jealous of her relationship with her dad because he never really had one with his own father. And the P1’s weigh in on this: in this day and age, do you still have to ask a father for permission to propose to a woman?