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What would it look like for you to reimagine time as your most valuable currency?? Well, Amy sat down with New York Times bestselling author, Eve Rodsky, and Dr. Aditi Nerurkar {MD, MPH, physician, speaker & correspondent} to talk about just that!! TIME = YOUR MOST VALUABLE CURRENCY. Eve and Dr. Aditi are passionate about people {especially women} knowing that they have permission to be unavailable! With people feeling more burned out than ever…this is a very important conversation. Along with setting boundaries surrounding your time, getting creative is imperative to your well-being {and implementing Eve’s Three C’s can help you tap into that creativity: curiosity, connection and completion.} They wrapped up their chat with some ‘4 Things Gratitude’ with Eve sharing 2 things she’s thankful for {gave some good book recommendations + moleskin journals that she loves writing in} & Dr. Aditi shared 2 things {a fun flower thing she’s doing weekly + an online workout program!!}


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