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Signs Your Relationship With Food & Body Image Needs Support. Commenting On Bodies. Tips For Traveling In Eating Disorder Recovery. The Mindset Needed To Give Up Dieting.

Being that it’s National Eating Disorders Awareness Week…this week’s 4 things will be focused on bringing awareness to eating disorders and hopefully provide some hope and support to those affected by eating disorders. This topic is important to Amy because she spent much of her life with an eating disorder and didn’t think recovery was possible. Now in recovery for over 2 years now, she wants the same for others. So today she shares 4 things from 4 different resources that have been helpful in her recovery so you’ll know about them. FIRST THING: Amy shared a blog post that put up sharing some signs that it’s time to get support for your relationship with food and body image. She loves following @TheWellful on Instagram and we recommend you do the same! The account is run by Brenna O’Malley, RD; a Virtual Anti-Diet Dietitian offering Intuitive Eating & Body Image support!!! SECOND THING: Amy read an email that she got from an ‘Outweigh Podcast’ listener (a podcast she co-hosts with @LisaHayim that comes out every Saturday). Amy wanted to share this note as a reminder to stop commenting on people’s bodies and to remind you that OUTWEIGH can be a tool in your toolbox to offer a little support! The email is titled: Co-worker Comment Alert!, so make sure to listen to this so you don’t end up being THAT type of co-worker! THIRD THING: Another person that has been a great resource for Amy during recovery is @Jennifer_Rollin! She is an Eating Disorder Therapist, author of ‘The Inside Scoop on ED Recovery’ and founder of @theeatingdisordercenter! Jennifer shared some tips for traveling in eating disorder recovery and since spring break will be here soon…these tips might come in handy or maybe you even keep them in mind if you’re not traveling until the summer. OR maybe you have no travel plans at all….these are still helpful tips that can be applied to everyday life at home! FOURTH THING: The final resource Amy shared with you is Kathryn Hansen’s website: There you’ll find her blog posts, links to her podcast and you can see more about her book (there’s even a recovery/study guide option to go along with the book). The Brain Over Binge book was huge for Amy in the early stages of her recovery! She read the book and then did some ‘Fork the Noise’ courses with Lisa and finally built those new neural pathways helping keep her on track. Amy also gets Kathryn’s ‘Brain Over Binge’ newsletters (which are normally short and to the point, offering that right amount of encouragement), so she shared one of those with us today on the mindset you need to give up dieting!

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“A life without disordered eating OUTWEIGHS everything!!” – Amy & Lisa
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