Amy’s 4 Things

Sing Your Heart Out. Vision Boards. Grilled Cheese Pro Tip. Are You Getting Enough Rest?

 FIRST THING: Did you know singing can help reduce feelings of depression? Amy breaks down how singing can help with your mood and talks about some of the most loved songs to sing or listen to. Plus, we get to listen to Amy’s parody of Taylor Swifts song, ‘22’. 
SECOND THING: Have you ever made a vision board? Amy shares what she put on her most recent vision board, and gives fun ideas of what to put on yours, and how to throw your own vision board party!
THIRD THING: Just when you thought you knew everything about a grilled cheese sandwich, Amy shares her new way of making the delicious meal. Do you have a favorite way to make a grilled cheese sandwich, and do you eat it with soup? Amy also teases who will be on this Saturdays Outweigh episode!
FOURTH THING: Did you know there are 7 different types of rest? Amy discusses the different types, and how we might need a little reminder to take some time for ourselves, or even take a break from social media.  
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