Amy’s 4 Things

Sitting With Anxiety. Sleep Tips. 4 Things Amy Recommends. Parenting Tip for Manners.

FIRST THING: Amy shares some methods of anxiety management that she got from @LisaHayim to in order to help tame it as best as one can. SECOND THING: Do you make to-do lists??? You might want to consider adding this to your bedtime routine because it might allow you to sleep better. THIRD THING: Amy shares 4 things that she’s really loving lately!!! FOURTH THING: Amy follows @DrBeckyAtGoodInside on Instagram and saw an awesome parenting tip for manners: BE PLAYFUL! If your child forgets to say thank you. Don’t call them out like: “what do you say????” forcing them to say “thank you.” Say this instead: “Ohhh, where did it go?? Where did you hide it??” (and while you’re saying this….look as though you’re looking all around for something. The kid will reply with something like: “What are you looking for?” Then you reply with: “Oh, I was looking for your thank you…figured you lost it.” 

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