Skies Out Thighs Out

Miley from Enumclaw has asked us for help with her man Joey who she thinks needs a fashion intervention. She says Joey has been tearing the sleeves off all his shirts to make home-made tank tops, which generally is a nice “country” look”, but she doesn’t think Joey has the arms to pull it off and is embarrassing himself. When Joey comes on he says the idea he is doing it for fashion is stupid, it’s just hot out and he likes to enjoy the summer weather and cool off a bit with short sleeves. But he does say he’s worried that if she is more concerned with how he looks than how he feels, then maybe he she doesn’t love him as much as he loves her. The P1’s have a lot to say to Miley about self-image and unconditional love, but we all agree that cut-off sleeves and Jorts are what make America great!