Amy’s 4 Things

Sleep Hygiene. Empathy or Empath. Intuitive Cooking. Your Truthiest Life with Lisa Hayim (Takes Over for Amy)

Lisa Hayim takes over all 4 things this week!
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FIRST THING: Sleep and sleep hygiene- Lisa breaks it down, provides her trusted tools for improving quality and gives the lowdown on THE GLYMPHATIC SYSTEM and it’s importance 
SECOND THING: SENSITIVE HUMANS, come gather! Learn the difference between empathy and being an empath, and how you can protect your sensitivity. Productivity might not just be about getting tasks done, but also getting joy from doing those tasks.
THIRD THING: Intuitive cooking! Lisa talks about self-trust when it comes to being comfortable in the kitchen. Embrace the excitement of the whole process of making a meal, with tips on how to make food (and cooking!) fun!  
FOURTH THING: Lisa introduces and talks about her podcast, the Truthiest Life Podcast. Follow @lisahayim on Instagram and her new podcast @thetruthiestlife.
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