Something ‘Bout a Truck

Tiffany from Renton has asked Fitz for help because she’s pretty fed up with her boyfriend Brett. She cosigned on a loan for fully loaded $70,000 pickup truck he said would be ideal to use for renovating their home as well as for work projects. But after a couple of weeks she just found out he’s been renting trucks for all that work because he doesn’t want to scratch and devalue the truck. She is upset not just about the money but also because he has been hiding that from her. When Brett comes on, he says the truck is an investment in their future and he needs to keep it in good shape to keep its value. He says he is thinking long-term about it being the safest vehicle to carry their future children, as well as it’s usefulness for camping trips and such. When we question him about the lying, he is a bit evasive, but he does make a compelling argument about the truck’s long-term value versus the cost or rentals. But when the talk turns to the cost and value of an engagement ring, the wheels come off.