Sounds Like Someone’s Getting Cranky-Wanky

The Coronavirus Quarantine seems to have a lot of couples struggling with spending so much non-stop time together. Ben from Arlington has written to Fitz for help with his girlfriend Alicia because he says she talks in baby talk. He says at the beginning of their relationship he thought it was kinda cute and flirty but now she does it all the time and he is uncomfortable and embarrassed. He claims she calls him “Benny-Wenny” and sometimes even does that in front of his friends. And now that they are both in the house all time, it’s really making him crazy. When Alicia comes on, it turns out she actually just has a naturally baby-ish voice so it’s not like she’s doing it on purpose. We all think Ben is way over-reacting until Alicia starts to get a little upset and suddenly someone’s got an owie! Do the P1’s think she is doing it on purpose, or is there something a little…different…going on?