Amy’s 4 Things

Spreading Joy. The Gift of Experiences. Listen to Your Heart. Skin Care & Cancer Prevention.

FIRST THING: A practical tip for #PIMPINJOY to others! We love when listeners send in ways that they’re spreading joy and we loved this idea so much that we had to share it with you!! SECOND THING: Amy + Meri shared their gift guide for the Holiday season with you a couple of weeks ago{be sure to check it out if you missed that episode!!}. Now Amy is here to share with you the beauty in giving an experience as a gift! THIRD THING: Amy’s friend, Kathy Virtue, comes on to shares so much wisdom about missions work and the beauty that come when you listen to the tugging on your heart. FOURTH THING: Keri from @Nashville Beauty Girl and her husband Dr. Drew are here to answer all your beauty and skin care questions! How did Amy help her husband, Ben, find out that he had melanoma?? Also, what you can be doing to help protect your skin! 
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