Stand On The End So I Can Cut You Out Later

Mark from Carnation is upset that his girlfriend Jesse has never deleted old pictures of previous relationship off of her phone or her cloud. He says he doesn’t know if she’s still into the old boyfriends, or just likes the pictures, or is just being stubborn, but it bothers him and he feels that’s a good enough reason to delete them. When Jesse comes she says she thinks Mark is being really insecure.  She says we all have a past and you shouldn’t be expected to erase it for someone new. She says the pics remind her of good times in her life and, frankly, she likes how she looks in some of them. The P1’s think they both need to give a little: Mark needs to “man up”, because Jesse is with him after all, and not the old boyfriend; but they also think she could do a little “housecleaning” on the cloud.