Stay-At-Home Means Your Own, Not All of Them

Reese from Federal Way has asked for help with her roommate Jeffrey. They are just friends, nothing romantic, and have always made great roommates, but quarantine may have brought an end to all that. Reese says ever since we were all ordered to stay at home, Jeffrey has been bringing more women home, than ever before, from Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. And if it’s not enough that the women are in the apartment, they are leaving their undies all over the place, including her bathroom, and Reese says doesn’t want anyone’s “fluids” anywhere near her or her stuff. When Jeffrey comes on he says he “screens” the women to make sure they aren’t symptomatic, and says he’s sure everyone is telling the truth because no one wants to get sick. But Jeffrey says he thinks the real problem Reese is having is that she is in love with him and is just jealous that he’s seeing other women.