Amy’s 4 Things

Steven Young: Every Person Matters. A Slave to Guilt. Summer Needs for the Homeless. Gratitude.

Steven Young {founder of homeless ministry: {@HomeStreetHome_tn} is on for all 4 things today to talk about his new book: From Chains to Change: One Man’s Journey from God-Hater to God-Follower. FIRST THING: You never know if one act of kindness that you do will change someone’s life. Amy asked Steven to share a really cool story about how his ministry {serving the homeless in our community} did just that…changed a man’s life! Their work is life changing every single day, but this story was very special + inspiring. SECOND THING: Steven shares how being a ‘slave to guilt’ impacted his life + the importance of forgiveness. Also, the hope that he has for his new book! THIRD THING: How can we best help the homeless during the summer months? Steven tells us the top items to keep in your car to pass out to those in need when it’s hot outside. FOURTH THING: Steven shares 4 things that he is grateful for.

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Release Date: August 3, 2021
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