Amy’s 4 Things

Stop Carrying Stress. Caring for a Loved One. Midol & Gratitude. Drunk Elephant Babyfacial Review. (#44)

FIRST THING: With all of life’s changes its great to have a little reminder to stop stressing so much! Amy shares a short story she found, which will help turn your day around! SECOND THING: Amy’s sister, Cristi, is on the podcast today to do some real-talk about what its like being a caregiver for a loved one. They just moved their dad into an assisted living home (which wasn’t an easy decision), so they share tips on that and more. They also talk about finding what works best for you while sharing some LOL worthy stories. THIRD THING: Cristi is on for another ’thing’ and is here to make you fall over laughing with her poem dedicated to Midol and the miracles that it provides {& to the men, you will be able to relate too!!}. FOURTH THING: Amy gives her Drunk Elephant Babyfacial review & shares why she loves it! Psst…It could save you from getting a facial every month to keep your skin looking great. 
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