Amy’s 4 Things

Survey Says: We Want To Break Pandemic Habits. We Don’t Feel Like Grown Ups. We Keep Snacks On Hand. We Are Embarrassed to Buy Certain Items.

Leanne Ellington joined Amy for all 4 things today for a variety of topics/surveys. FIRST THING: According to a recent survey 61% of us have picked up “unhealthy” habits that we’re trying to break. They include “too much screen time,” poor eating habits, and sleeping too much or too little. The good news is that 65% of Americans have also developed a HEALTHY pandemic habit that they plan to continue. These are things like washing your hands more frequently, being better connected with friends and family, staying home when you’re sick, and wearing a mask when sick to protect others. SECOND THING: How old were you when you first felt like a true ADULT? A new poll found 7% of us still DON’T feel like grown-ups . . . or around 1 in 14 people. The most common age when we feel like an adult is 18, and the second most common answer was YOUNGER than 18. So a lot of us grew up fast. The rest of the top five ages are 21, 25, and 20. THIRD THING: 69% of people say they ALWAYS have snacks on them when they’re on-the-go. Speaking of snacks, if you were a kid in the ’90s, you were munching on some pretty amazing snacks. And not all of them have gone extinct. Amy & Leanne go over nostalgic snacks from the ’90s that you can still buy on Amazon! FOURTH THING: Have you ever been so embarrassed to buy something that you added other random stuff just to distract the cashier? You’re not alone. 75% of people admitted to trying to hide embarrassing items among a larger purchase . . . and 89% would rather buy those things online, even if it was more expensive. The survey asked what items people were shy about buying . . . and it was mostly stuff that felt too personal, or might make them seem unclean or unhealthy. Condoms were #1, followed by emergency contraceptives . . . bed bug spray . . . head lice treatment . . . hemorrhoid cream . . . diarrhea relief . . . pregnancy tests . . . adult diapers for incontinence . . . period products . . . and cold sore treatment.
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