Amy’s 4 Things

Szn Raymundo: The Hustle. Questions to Ask Before Getting Married. Candy Bar Compensation. Gratitude.

Ray from the Bobby Bones Show {@SznRaymundo} joined Amy for all 4 things! FIRST THING: Amy and Ray talk about working hard to make a career for yourself. Ray shares how he hustled {and continues to do so} to land a spot as producer of the Bobby Bones Show and how that has led to other ventures {like the ‘Sore Losers Podcast’ & @RayBaeDesigns!} SECOND THING: Amy and Ray go over six questions you should ask your partner before you get married. i.e. “How should we handle the money?” . . . “Do you want kids?” . . . and “Where will we spend the holidays?” THIRD THING: Someone crashed into a parked car in a Walmart parking lot, and left a note explaining that they couldn’t pay for the damage, but instead, they left the person two HERSHEY BARS . . . who does that??? FOURTH THING: Gratitude!!! Ray shares 4 things he is currently thankful for.
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