Amy’s 4 Things

Teenage Rebellion. The BEST Jeans. What's Your Enneagram Number? Empathy & Kindness Goes a Long Way. (#17)

Amy’s sister is on to talk “Teenage Rebellion” (sharing stuff from their childhood like: sneaking out and parties and boys) and also how it’s important to be involved in your teenager’s life (because their dad didn’t really enforce rules and they wish that he had!). If you’ve ever wondered about Amy’s favorite jeans…the wait is over…Amy shares her favorite brands & styles and also goes over the secrets to denim care so that your jeans last longer!!! Amy also has on Hunter Mobley (@EnnegramHunter)…an Enneagram Teacher!!! The Enneagram is a tool that describes 9 personality-based approaches to life and Amy is really into this stuff right now. He uncovered that Amy is a 3 on the enneagram, so they dive into that. Lastly, Amy shares a really special email because it’s message of empathy & kindness and it’s a good reminder that little things can go a long way without us even knowing and have a chain reaction. 
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