The Devil Went Down to Issaquah

Lisa from Bremerton is really unhappy that her husband Eli went absolutely nuts on the decorations for Halloween. She says he spent money they don’t have and should be saving with every out-of-sorts due to Covid. But when Eli comes on he says Covid is exactly why he is pulling out all the stops this year, because he wants the kids to have just one good, normal thing this year. Eli says Halloween is an important time for kids to be creative and have fun and says the kids would probably be fine with fewer Christmas presents if they can have a super cool Halloween. But Eli also says this whole thing isn’t about money at all, it’s about how Lisa hates Halloween because of her religious upbringing. Lisa doesn’t dispute this – she thinks it’s a Satanic holiday and the whole thing should be scrapped and Eli is really pushing the issue by making it even bigger than it needs to be. Can this relationship be save? Wait until you hear the advice from a P1 from Issaquah who shares her experiences of being possessed.