The Mother of Dragons Torched It

Michael from Issaquah has written in to Fitz because he has had it with his girlfriend Chase violating the couples “Streaming Code”. He says it was bad enough when she started getting ahead of him on shows they watched together, but now she is starting to not even care about saying spoilers in front of him. He says she has finished “Big Little Lies” and told her a major spoiler and now it’s ruined for him. When Chase comes on she says Michael is not giving us all the information: he falls asleep while they’re watching TV so if she waited for him it would have to be an entire day. And as for the alleged “BLL” spoiler alert Chase says she wasn’t talking to him she was talking to her friend on the phone and Michael just overheard. When the P1’s get involved, we get lots of versions of the rules of the “Streaming Code” and its clear both Michael and Chase need to go to the Penalty Box.