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The Problem Isn't Social Media; It's the Kind of Power You're Giving It with Lacey Johnson

Award-Winning Author + Mental Health & Empowerment Journalist, Lacey Johnson, is back on the podcast today…this time to have a conversation about social media and how it affects us! Key takeaways from this chat:

  1. The problem isn’t social media; it’s the kind of power you’re giving it.
  2. Let your screentime inspire your life, not devour your life.
  3. Step off of the stage every now and then and get in the moment (your mental health and relationships absolutely depend upon it!).
  4. Gratitude: Lacey shares ‘4 Things’ she is thankful for! 



Depression & Anxiety Are on the Rise in Young People, But Is Social Media to Blame? (Lacey interviewed a well-known psychologist for this piece)


I’ve Really Missed People, But Has COVID Made Us Socially Awkward? (For this piece, Lacey interviewed a variety of mental health experts, and they touched on the social and relational dangers of staying virtual for too long)


“Maybe It’s the Algorithm, Maybe You Need New Friends” (social media-related blog post mentioned): 


Spaghetti sauce recipe Lacey is obsessed with:


Corn Salad recipe that Amy is so excited to try: 


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