The Renko Family of the US Army

Over the holidays American families everywhere will sit down and give thanks for all of the opportunity that we enjoy.  We have the right to live where we want to, to follow our hearts for occupation, hobbies, and interests. And those rights belong to us because many Americans chip in and serve the needs and security of the nation in the military. And in some cases whole families serve the nation. Claire Renko wrote me to tell me about her proud family, and their incredible record of service to the US. Today we are saluting Robert John Renko, Bruce Robert Renko, and Catherine Francis Renko.  All of the United States Army. Claire wanted to thank her family for their service.  Robert is her father, Bruce is her brother, and Catherine is her sister. Each of them served in the Army, and all of them have completed their service and have gone back to the civilian world to enjoy the freedom. Claire wasn’t done thanking her retired military family members. Her daughter Nikie Noelle Renko is currently serving in the Army National Guard. She is so proud of her daughter for her service, and for carrying on the family tradition.
So as you sit enjoying the holidays in America this year, take just a moment to give thanks to those like the Renko family who have served this nation, and are continuing to serve this nation, to make your opportunities possible.