The Roan Family of the National Guard

The Family connection to the military runs deep, and I continue to receive tons of salutes for military members who are following in the traditions of those who have come before them. Today we are saluting a pair of siblings who are serving at the same time and come from such a family. Chris and Janis Roan are a couple of extremely proud parents. They wrote a fantastic detailed letter to me telling me about their two kids who are both currently serving in the Air National Guard. Their son C.T. Roan, who is 24, AND their daughter Kaylyn Roan, who is 26, are currently serving in the Guard together. And even more than just serving together, they are both currently serving in Operation Spartan Shield overseas. C.T. and his wife Brittany have just celebrated their 1-year anniversary while separated by half a world and Kaylyn has a 5-year-old son Deikan who is staying with these proud grandparents while mom is away. Chris and Janis reminded me of all the firsts that Kaylyn is missing for her service as well, like Deikan’s first day of school this year and everything that comes along with that. The Roan kids definitely knew what to expect when they signed up because they were military “brats” themselves! Get this: Chris and Janis BOTH also served in the same unit of the Air National Guard, and they both served in Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield, and Chris went on to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom. This is a family of service and contribution that all Americans should look up to. Today we are saluting C.T. Roan, Kaylyn Roan, Chris Roan, AND Janis Roan; ALL of the Air National Guard.