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The Trailer for OUTWEIGH: A Series Exposing the 'Grey Area' of Eating Disorders

Amy Brown (Host of 4 Things with Amy Brown) and Lisa Hayim (Registered Dietitian and Founder of The Well Necessities & F*RK THE NOISE) got together to break the stigma and expose the truth about disordered eating in a new 4-part podcast series called OUTWEIGH. They will expose the ‘grey area’ of eating disorders- the subclinical tendencies that many of us partake in, but fail to get help for. Both having overcome their own struggles with disordered eating, they want to make sure no one feels alone in this journey, and that freedom is in fact possible. Throughout the series, they will share personal stories from real people who found freedom after a fight, as well as talk with experts to best guide & navigate this territory. Their goal is start a conversation to instill hope for those who are struggling, and provide space for both those going through it, and those who have overcome it. They are two women who get it and have found power in voicing their struggles. They want you to feel less alone, to help you remove the factor so you can live your most aligned life free of food and body image captivity. *Follow Amy & Lisa on Instagram: @RadioAmy & @TheWellNecessities!!
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