The True Story of the Tacoma Aroma

Hannah from Tacoma has asked Fitz for help with her boyfriend Robert who she says is always pointing out the way she smells. He says it’s not body odor so much as just a specific smell she has. She doesn’t smell it and neither do any of her friends and after about 4 months of extra showering and trying several perfumes and body scents, Robert admitted he made it up on the advice of his father who told him it was a technique for keeping women a little insecure so they stay around. When Robert comes on, he says he never said she stank, he just noted her personal odor, and he says he dad always taught him it’s important to keep women from becoming complacent in the relationship, and to remind her that she isn’t any better than him cuz, after all, he says stuff about him too, right? And Robert says it’s worked with other girlfriends – but has it, Robert? Really? There is at least P1 who thinks Robert has the right idea but the overwhelming majority think its Robert who stinks.