The Truth Comes Out a Little at a Time

Austin from Marysville has asked us for help with his girlfriend Rebecca who he says is a compulsive Little White Liar. He says at first it didn’t seem like a big deal, like saying her parents were millionaires when they weren’t, and other little tiny things, like saying she was at the grocery store when she was really at the nail salon. But now it seems she does it all the time to the point where he is starting to wonder if she ever tells the truth about anything. When Rebecca comes on she says Austin is exaggerating. She admits embellishing her background at the beginning of a relationship but says everyone does that at first, and with Austin is was especially hard because he is not easy to impress. But also she says he is often questioning her choices, like spending money on the nail salon, so she lies and says grocery store to keep him from nagging her. But when Austin reveals a story Rebecca put out on Facebook, it gets a little harder to tell what exactly is really going on here.