They. Are. Not. Tater. Tots.

Clay from Maple Valley has asked for our help because he is uncomfortable that his girlfriend Megan from Kent is always paying for everything and spending a lot of money on him. He acknowledges that she makes more than him and says he is OK with that, but he doesn’t like that she takes him on elaborate vacations and buys him nice things; he thinks she should be saving more for the future. When Megan comes on we get quite a bit more detail, including that she works at Amazon and he is an assistant manager at Taco Time and her salary is about 4 times his. She says she has worked very hard to get where she is, she is absolutely saving for the future, and she wants to enjoy whatever time off she has doing cool stuff and travelling with Clay and she doesn’t get why he can’t just enjoy it. It seems like such a solvable problem and an easy “Make Up”, until Clay says the reason it’s so important to save for the future is because he assumes when they have kids she will quit working. That’s when the Mexi-Fries start flying.