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“Think Before You Post” Pledge. Technology Contract For Kids. Expectations & Prevention. Gratitude.

Founder of Shape the Sky, Ryan Klingensmith, is on to talk about the Technology Contract he created for parents to use with their kids. FIRST THING: Amy and Ryan talked about the “Think Before You Post” Pledge. Kari Ann Leventopoulos is the kid behind this pledge and she started it because “kids are becoming unhealthy and addicted to their smartphones.” SECOND THING: Having a conversation with your child about the Technology Contract (linked below) is the first step in the process, so Ryan walks us through what that talk looks like (this part is included in the actual contract, so no need to take notes! It prints out with the contract…making it very easy to have the conversation!) THIRD THING: Ryan goes over the terms of the contract! If your children have smartphones, it’s important that they sign this contract to set guidelines and expectations for safe smartphone and social media use. FOURTH THING: Ryan shared 4 things he is thankful for (tv show, book, instagram follow & drink). 

“The more work we do on the prevention side, the fewer problems we will have on the intervention side.” -Ryan Klingensmith, Shape the Sky Founder and Licensed Counselor 

Download the FREE Technology Contract HERE: 

What is Shape the Sky?
Shape the Sky provides educational resources and the necessary tools to teach adults about risky behaviors of the internet and social media and how to create responsible children online and on their smartphones. 

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