This One Time at Band Camp

Vanessa from Kent has asked for our advice with her boyfriend Carl who she thinks is still way too close to his college girlfriend. Vanessa says this girl is not just all over his social media all the time bringing up “the old days” but sometimes shows up to parties they go to, or even restaurants, and sometimes it’s Carl that has invited her and she feels like it’s a “Throuple”. When Carl comes on he says, yeah, he and Shelby are still close, but they’ve been friends since their days as Drum Majors at UW, which is a really tight community, and they still have a lot of friends in common. He says they are not like “real” exes because they are better as pals than they ever were as boyfriend-girlfriend, and he doesn’t think its fair he should have to stop being friends – he loves Vanessa and she needs to just stop worrying. The P1’s debate this one pretty hard – can you really ever just stay “friends” with your ex? Or is Vanessa overreacting? And is the real problem that Carl is a Husky and not a Coug?