This Was Not in the Brochure

James from Lynwood moved here from San Marcos, Texas, three months ago to be with his girlfriend Maria who is an engineer for Boeing. He says he still loves her, but his own life feels like it’s going the wrong direction, mostly because totally he hates living in the Northwest. James says at first it was the rain and now it’s the snow and he finds the gray skies depressing and he wants to move back to Texas. Fitz says he understands, being from Texas himself, but it takes times, and James should open his eyes and heart and enjoy that the Northwest is a “Postcard Everywhere You Look.” But James sounds like has made up his mind, and he’s going back to Texas whether Maria comes or not. When Maria comes on, she says she understands it’s easier for her since she has a cool job and James doesn’t really have much to do yet, but he’s being unreasonably impatient about the weather; they moved here in the darkest part of the year and he needs to give it a lot more time to see everything the area has to offer and how beautiful it can be. But this all seems to be falling on deaf ears. Is James a lost cause?