Thomas E. Cain of The US Army

An American soldier and serviceman is a hero to many. Often these brave men and women are the most revered by their family and friends, but usually the people who idolize them the absolute most are their children. Today we salute Staff Sergeant Thomas E. Cain of the United States Army. Gloria Cain asked me to salute her father because he was a true hero. Gloria tells me that no one ever really knew how much her dad had served, and how much he had really accomplished in the Army, until they found his paperwork after he passed in August 2017. Her father Thomas was a lifer: he did the full 20+ years in the Army, retiring with many honors, but never bragged. Staff Sergeant Cain was a humble man and a brave soldier who did two tours in Korea during the Korean War, and 4 more tours in Vietnam. When he passed, Thomas E. Cain was laid to rest with full military honors at Arlington Cemetery. Gloria says his funeral was the most humbling experience of her life. She was amazed at all of the honored men and women that her dad was laid to rest with. She says “They all deserved those honors. These are the people who didn’t sit back and wait for someone else to do the job.” Gloria finished her message by adding “God bless all of our soldiers, and God Bless America.”