To YouTube Or Not YouTube

Matt from North Bend has written to Fitz about his wife Cassie and a disagreement they are having about their 15-year-old son. Matt says their son struggles in school and doesn’t really like it, but he wants him to finish high school and get some sort of future going, like trade school or another goal. But their son is really into a YouTube channel he has created and Matt says Cassie is feeding that in the hopes that he will make a lot of money. Matt says Cassie has dumped thousands of dollars into what he considers a pipe dream. Cassie says this is their son’s real talent, and it makes him happy, and it’s no different than if she were spending the money on athletic gear in hopes of him getting a college scholarship or pro contract. She points to all the successes of other YouTube kids with great financial deals. But as they discuss it with us, some darker details about the two of them and their marriage start to emerge.