Tom Durski of the US Air Force

Soldiers save lives: we’ve all heard that about soldiers on the battle field but today’s soldier saved a life off the battle field.  And that person he saved wants you to hear all about it. Today we salute Staff Sergeant Tom Durski of the United States Air Force. Tom is just 25 years old and already his accomplishments and accolades are adding up. He enlisted in the Air Force right out of high school, and has been going strong ever since. The life he’s saved at home was that of his wife Brittney Durski. Brittney says she was struggling with life early on.  She was living in her home state of Idaho, a single mother to a 13-month-old little girl, struggling with dependency. She left her daughter with her parents to go to California to get sober… and that’s where she met Tom. Tom is from Las Vegas, Brittney is from Idaho, and the two met in California by chance.  That’s how she knows that Tom was meant to save her. Later, just after they had married, Tom was deployed for 6 months.  But the couple endured and grew stronger. After returning from that deployment, the two settled into a life together and he’s been deployed a few times since. Brittney says she has been sober since she met Tom, and its his strength and his love that keep her going, even when he’s half way around the world. Their daughter Layla is now 5, and their son Ford is 2, and Tom is back in the states. The couple now lives on Joint Base Lewis McChord. Brittney says she wanted to salute her husband for all he has done for her and for their family. Today we Salute Staff Sergeant Tom Durski of the United States Air Force.