Trick or Treat Smell My Feet

Marcus in Edmonds is upset that his girlfriend Kaylie is making extra money by selling her socks online. He thinks it’s dangerous and creepy and also seems concerned it will escalate into other activities like an “Only Fans” page or showing more identifiable body parts. When Kaylie comes on she says it’s really an amazing amount money, socks are less creepy than underwear, and it’s completely safe and anonymous. When Marcus asks what happens when someone offers a gazillion dollars for more, she says he needs to trust her that it’s only socks and nothing more and the socks alone are plenty good money to need any more. And she points out she’s been making his car payments for several months and can’t believe this is the first time he’s asked where the money is coming from; if she quits now, what happens to his car? Several P1’s call and text to help this couple out, although most of the women seem to want to know how to get in on this great gig!