Troop Salute 11-04-20: Kenny Thomas of the US Army

There is no denying that families are proud of their troops. Moms and Dads, sisters, grandparents, and all the aunts and uncles. But imagine how the younger brother feels when he looks up to his older brother in uniform. Today we salute Sergeant First Class Kenny Thomas of the United States Army. Kenny’s little brother Kyle Slitherwood from Port Angeles wrote in for this salute because he is that incredibly proud of younger brother to Kenny. Sergeant First Class Thomas has been serving in the Army for over 15 years. Kenny has done six tours in Iraq and the Middle East. He’s an outstanding soldier, son, and brother says Kyle. In fact, Kyle says he’s the best possible brother a guy could have, and he’ll always look up to him. Now stationed at Fort Lewis, Thomas is pretty close to home, and I’m sure Kyle loves having him nearby.