Troop Salute 11-18-20: Clayton Mutzinger USMC

Service to the nation usually comes with a little bit of sacrifice, and today’s troop has given up his holidays at home to serve. Today we salute Clayton Mutzinger of the United States Marine Corps. Clayton is just 18 years old and his military journey is just beginning. Stephanie Butcher asked us to salute her cousin Clayton because the entire family is so very proud of him. Clayton JUST left for boot camp in October – that’s important because Clayton and all of the other young recruits earning their stripes will be in boot camp while you are enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner with your family. Marine Corps boot camp lasts 12 full weeks so if he had started on October 1, he chose to sacrifice his family Thanksgiving in order to start his service and of left at the end of the month, he would be missing Christmas too. We should all thank these brave individuals like Clayton Mutziger, who chose to serve over the comforts of home, so that we can all enjoy those comforts.