Troop Salute 12-02-20: Martin Connors of the US Army

I hope everyone will take a moment to think about all of those men and women serving this nation over this holiday season: they are on base eating Christmas dinner in a chow hall, they are overseas in a foreign land calling and emailing home to connect with family and friends, and they are at sea on ships, living and working in the middle of the ocean so that we can all have a happy holiday season. Shannon Connors wrote me to salute her husband, who she is thrilled to have home this year. Today we are saluting Staff Sergeant Martin Connors of the United States Army. Martin has been in the Army for almost 10 years. He works as a combat engineer and he loves what he does. The family has moved around a few times for Martin’s service, and he’s been away for close to a year until now. The separation has been hard on the couple and especially hard on the kids, but Shannon is thrilled to tell me that Martin will be flying in this weekend to spend the entire holiday season with his loved ones, “I don’t need any gifts, because he is coming home for the holidays.” Today we salute Staff Sergeant Martin Connors of the United States Army who WILL be spending the holidays with family and friends at home. AND our thoughts and our respect go out to ALL of our troops defending our freedoms wherever they are during this Christmas and New Year’s season.